Bodies deforming during diving, air exploding into white foam. What happens to bodies when they dive into the water? And then, who are these people? The face is not revealed, or it is barely reflected by the air bubbles that mirror.

A kind of metaphor for my life as a freediver: the body deformed by the pressure, the air imploding and then exploding in the lungs, the face concealed by a mask that allows a glimpse of the same through the lenses.

A day of sun and sea with my children, at the edge of Ras Mohammed National Park in Egypt turned into a photographic experiment. This time my photographic subjects are human beings.


diversus #1

diversus #2

diversus #3

diversus #4

diversus #5

One more adventure that in a sense has extremes… A challenge to capture the instant of impact in the water. Fractions of a second to capture the roar of the plunge, the boiling of the water into a white foam during impact.​

Interesting experiment, on humans this time! Capturing the moment of impact and resurfacing.​

It is a game but also a metaphor about life as a freediver: a vital entry into the water, full of energy and oxygen, only to resurface after the effort of the dive, fatigued and wanting to breathe again at the surface.​

We can summarize in three basic choices:

  • Wide-angle lens to shoot scenes in full even at close range​.
  • Very quick time to fix the moment​.
  • Ambient light, sufficient at a depth of a few meters and to avoid scattering (from microbubbles of air) that would have occurred with artificial lights and such close shots.

Experiment done in freediving but could also have been done with other diving methods​.