It happens sometimes to be literally immersed in a school of fish of the same species: dozens, hundreds, thousands.

What is glimpsed in appearance is a great confusion, disorder in position and movement. But upon closer observation, this is not the case. There is a harmonious order, an almost magical synchrony.

It is not that common in reality, but with a little patience one can come across one of these immense figures made of thousands of specimens swimming coordinated according to a direction that has something mysterious about it.

Sometimes huge fish, sometimes tiny fish, sometimes predators, sometimes tiny prey… but the dynamics are the same…


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Sometimes there is to be enchanted… Well, underwater it often is, at least from my point of view.
To be literally submerged in schools of fish is an unsetting thing and unfortunately does not happen so often. Sometimes it happens to be a dumbfounded spectator of this «immersion within the immersion», and other times it is nice to be a spectator of «miniature vortex»
You seem to be watching a lot of confusion, but in fact you are watching a synchronicity of purpose, a perfect coordination, a magic.

Shooting these scenes is not necessarily easy. Often you have to deal with open water, large distances (in a photographic sense), so it is difficult to make use of effective artificial lighting. In fact, a wide-angle lens is almost a must in these cases.

However, it happens to observe scenes of the same type that are smaller in size, even miniature. In such cases a different lens can be used. Much depends on the minimum focusing distance.

Regarding diving modalities, in open water one can go apnea for example, taking advantage of better movement ability.

Otherwise, but more rarely, with scuba equipment, it becomes more difficult unless you come across schools of small fish stationed near the reef or coral bottom.