«OCEAN. ABYSSES. The beauty of the sea… an amazing wonder that can never fade away because it warms ours souls. My unexpressed suffering, turned into a world of images, through which I could express myself again in the form of art photography: DEEPSEE


Naples, 1971. The sea, he always had it in him…
Engineer by training, proud father. Extreme sportsman by vocation, great lover of the sea and diving in all its forms.
He has practiced freediving since his early years, always pushing his limits further and further, achieving absolutely distinctive results in terms of depth and dive times in hunting, especially the last few years practicing an extreme version of this sport. While known to many top athletes (both competitive and amateurs), he has never ventured into professionalism by personal choice. Decades of passion and adventures that make him discover unknown and wonderful worlds.

For 5 years he practiced extreme freediving, hunting in deeper and deeper depths and facing greater and greater challenges. During these years he suffers a long series of accidents (13 episodes of Taravana syndrome) and as many as 3 brain strokes. The latest accident changes everything: “a fourth stroke could kill you or leave you infirm forever!”.
The idea of having to give up his great passion, the character so painstakingly built, a daring, resourceful hero who was not afraid to face extreme dangers, determined never to give up… just as giving up everything he loved such as seabeds or sea creatures, would have been almost impossible!

He is unfortunately forced to give up this extreme sport (deep spearfishing) in 2018 after yet another bad accident. However, he continues to dive in modalities other than freediving and with just as much interest and dedication: he quickly certifies himself as a Scuba Deep Diver (recreational diving) and then switches to Rebreather (technical diving), the technological evolution of the freediver…
Decidedly passionate about fine-art underwater photography, he distinguishes himself from other interpreters of underwater photography predominantly engaged in purely documentary photography.

“The sea is something that is born in you. You don’t look for it, it’s the one that finds you, and when it happens you can’t leave it anymore”​.

“I was born in a city by the sea. The blue and the salt are part of my DNA, my history. And it was as a child that I had the lighting strike… I would look at him, be enchanted, and make a promise to him without realizing it, “I will never leave you! “. I loved freediving right away; in the summers in Calabria I was fascinated by the stories of the local fishermen, the myth of their catches, the adventures bordering on the unconscious. I wondered, who knows what’s at the bottom of the sea and I still wonder to this day because it is curiosity that fuels the desire to do and to test oneself. The allure of fishing and diving into a mysterious element are fed by this curiosity and curiosity creates the challenge.”