OCEAN. ABYSSES. Dark, achromatic, unknown world. Colors do not exist. When revealed by light, they are deep and dark, barely hinting at their vividness. All around is dark and mysterious… fascinating. The light is grazing, directed to enhance the forms in their essential meaning, in their emergence from that darkness. Their mystery is compelling, I want to reveal it.

I find in the Chiaroscuro/Tenebrismo (artistic-pictorial current of masters such as Caravaggio, De Ribera, Rubens, Rembrandt, Tintoretto, El Greco…) my greatest source of stylistic inspiration, applied to underwater photography with an intent that is anything but documentary, unlike the work of other underwater photographers.

A lifetime dedicated to freediving as an underwater hunter. Decades of passion and adventures that made me discover unknown and wonderful worlds. For 5 years I lived the extreme version of freediving, hunting in deeper and deeper depths, and facing bigger and bigger challenges. I survived 13 brain accidents (Taravana) and as many as 3 brain strokes, in this extreme sport. The last accident changed everything! What I loved, seabed, sea creatures seemed to be lost in the darkness. Then, a new challenge was born, a new way of diving deep: ready to show others my idea of the beauty of the ocean and to spread my passion. The utterly unique character I had painstakingly built would evolve

In the dark stillness of the sea, as in the suffering I have experienced and cannot forget, I rediscover myself capable of converting that pain into art by revealing from the darkness of the abyss its lights. This abyss has the magic of turning my wounds into unique pieces of photographic art.

I carry with me all the emotions and feelings I get from discovering those «works of art»: glimpses , creatures, details that exist in those mysterious depths, immersed in darkness, coming to light with their colorful forms. I «capture» and bring them back to the surface, so that others can also all madly in love with his enchanting and alluring world, so that they can see like never before: DEEPSEE.


The sea is something that is born in you. You do not look for it, it’s the one that finds you and when it happens you cannot leave it anymore. The blue and the salt are part of my DNA of my story. And it was as a child that I had my love at first sight. I looked at him, I was enchanted, and I made a promise to him without realizing it: “I will never leave you!”


I tell what the sea conveys to me, with its way of playing with light creating shapes and illusions that I photograph because in the underwater world there is much more to capture with the eyes than with a speargun and a photographic capture remains forever in your memories and in those you share it with.